It’s not just a can it’s a Tiny Keg!

Why Are Cans Better?

Better for your beverage

  • Retains flavour
  • Retains aroma
  • Keeps O2 out
  • Keeps light out
  • Gets cold fast

Better for the Planet

  • 100% recyclable
  • Infinitely recyclable
  • More fuel effective in transport
  • No broken glass
  • Most frequently recycled packaging material in SA

Better for Business

  • More space for your brand
  • Lighter and easier to move
  • Reduce transport cost (up to 33%)
  • Cans are cheaper
  • Cans take up less space

What does Tiny Keg put into cans?


Mobile canning was invented for craft beer. We get close to the tank and ensure your beer gets to your consumer exactly as you brewed it!


Canned wine trends are gaining ground globally. South African wine producers can serve local and international markets


Mixed beverages (G&T / Brandy & Coke / Whisky Sour) are exciting consumers who are hungry for new experiences

Other sparkling & still beverages

Contact us to chat about options for other beverages

Why Choose Tiny Keg?

Full service:

We take care of all aspects of the canning operation: filling, seaming, labelling and date-coding.

We also supply packaging materials.


We are absolutely passionate about quality! Our highly- trained and meticulous team ensure the perfect seam, lowest O2 pick-up and rigorous sanitisation. We are independently audited and we use industry-leading testing equipment.


Tiny Keg caters for a range of producers. We have low minimum orders, but have packed over 15,000 cans in a day.

Range of can sizes:

200ml, 250ml, 300ml slender, 330ml slender, 330ml, 440ml, 500ml

Specialist equipment:

Not only do we use industry-leading Wild Goose canning equipment, we ensure perfect cans with a SKA depalletiser and twist-rinse; And it is built to be mobile! We also use liquid nitrogen technology, which allows us to pack still beverages, such as wine.

Labelling and sleeving:

We offer labelling and (soon) can sleeving. Call us to discuss your options.

Professional operators using the world’s best mobile canning equipment

Need Some Inspiration For Your Can Label Design?

Check out some of our fave can designs

The Elephant Can
The Little Wolf Can
The Kick Ass Can
The Orange Can
The Summit Can
The Supernova Can
The Vanilla Ice Can
The Braggot Can
Tiny Keg Mobile Canning
Tiny Keg Mobile Canning
Tiny Keg Mobile Canning
Tiny Keg Mobile Canning

How does mobile canning work?

Book a date:

You contact us and book a date that suits your production schedule. We will discuss your product, can size, and labelling requirements. We will also chat about your site and send through our site requirements.

Canning day arrives:

We drive our truck out to your brewery/winery/distillery, offload, and roll in next to the tanks. Then we clean: a 3-stage CIP cycle is run when we arrive and before we leave.

Time to can:

The we get moving! We pack at up to 40 cans per minute, and have done over 6,000 liters in a day. We perform Quality Control tests before starting and throughout the day, including: seam checks; Dissolved Oxygen in tank and in package; ATP testing to ensure sanitation.

Time for a high 5 and a beer!

The last step, before we all go and have a beer to celebrate a successful day, is for us to clean our kit and our site and pack it all back into our truck.

Post-packaging QC:

We retain samples and follow a post-packaging testing regime to ensure that your product has kept perfectly.

Mobile on-site canning is an optimal solution for small or one-off brews, as it allows brewers the security of overseeing the transition of their beers from vat to can.