Facility Canning

Our customs-bonded carbonation & packaging facility is available for canning still and carbonated beverages.

Mobile Canning

We provide a turnkey and flexible mobile canning solution. We fill, seam, date code and label at your facility.

Can Decorating

We decorate your can with traditional stick-on labels (PSL) or pre-packaging shrink sleeves.

Can Supply

We supply a range of can sizes from Bevcan. From 200ml slimline, all the way to 500ml Standard can.

Equipment Sales

We are the Wild Goose Filling channel partners for South Africa. Please contact for more info on this world-class canning equipment.

What we package


Our Wild Goose Canning lines have pushed the craft beer revolution in America. It is built for beer and we have packed for some of the best craft brewers in South Africa.


A huge wave of brand innovators and winemakers are looking to get involved in the worldwide trend for wine in a can. Younger generation consumer habits point towards a huge boom.


We can package Ready-to-Drink (RTDs) in the form of functional beverages, hard seltzers, non-alcoholic mixers, sparkling and still water. Contact for all product ideas.

Why can with Tiny Keg?

Turnkey Solution

We take care of all aspects of the canning operation: filling, seaming, labelling and date-coding. We also supply cans, packaging materials and industry knowledge.


Our game is mobility and flexibility. Tiny Keg caters for a range of products and packages in many different environments.


One of our core values is quality. We have invested in a strong capability to monitor and protect your product through a stringent QC process. This is done to ensure you will have the best possible product on the shelf.

Professional Operators

Our canning line operators are extensively trained and work to the highest professional standards. They are experts at getting the best out of your packaging day.

World Class Equipment

We use industry-leading Wild Goose Filling canning equipment as well as an automated SKA Fabricating depalletiser. We also use Chart Industries liquid nitrogen dosing technology, which allows us to pack still beverages, such as wine.

Proven Track Record

We have packaged over 10 million cans since 2019. We have forged successful relationships with over 100 brand owners and innovators who have taken their product to market successfully. Read more HERE