Tiny Keg wants to make a big impact. We want to live in a thriving world, full of interesting experiences and people. We don’t like grey, monotonous, unimaginative and passionless. We like different, exciting, creativity and zeal.

Mobile and micro canning inspired a revolution in drinks in the USA. First in beer, and now in wine and other beverages. The same is increasingly happening in beverage markets around the world, and we want to bring that revolution home.

We think that South Africa’s ever-changing drinks industry is ready for us. Our producers want great packaging quality, to stand out on the shelf, and to appeal to consumers around the world. Our consumers want interesting experiences, high-quality products, and to be more environmentally conscious.

Tiny Keg was born, early 2019, offering mobile canning to craft brewers in the Western Cape. We soon realised the demand for our services extended well beyond beer, and have expanded our service offering to wine (both still and sparkling) and other beverages.

We sleeve cans and supply blank cans. And, we are channel partners to Wild Goose filling, the leaders in craft canning systems in the USA.

When you partner with Tiny Keg you eliminate the risk of jumping into canning completely on your own. We’ve done a huge amount of homework. We’ve filled over two million cans and counting.

But it is new, and we are breaking new ground, and there is constantly more to learn. We are super excited for the journey and to enable the canning evolution!

  • March 2019

    Canning Line Commissioned

  • June 2019

    100 000 Cans Filled

    June 2019

  • September 2019

    First Wines Canned

  • March 2020

    1 Million Cans Packaged

    March 2020

  • September 2020

    2 Million Cans Packaged

  • March 2020

    3 Million Cans Packaged

    March 2020

3 000 000

Cans Packaged & Counting


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