Give your product a competitive advantage

Can decoration gives your product a competitive advantage on the shelf and sleeving is the premium offering. Shrink sleeving will give your product a premium feel and look with a greater variety of creative options.

We have invested in a state-of-the-art Pack Leader pre-sleeve applicator. Sleeves are heat shrunk onto the can pre-fill.  We apply the sleeves at our warehouse,  the cans are re-palletised and delivered to your facility for filling day. 

Automated Sleeve Application


Your blank cans are automatically depalletized from the pallet and queued onto a convey on its journey to become a sleeved can. Look no hands!


Pre-printed sleeves are applied to the blank cans using an automated applicator which uses State of the art technology.

Heat Shrink

The cans then pass through a radiant tunnel which shrinks the applied sleeves onto the cans. Looking good. Now for the journey back.


The newly sleeved cans march their way onto a depalletizer.   We bring along these pallets of premium looking cans along to your filling day.  No hands, beautifully decorated and sanitary cans.